Sam’s Weekly Water Cooler Musings: On Smoking

4 thoughts on “Sam’s Weekly Water Cooler Musings: On Smoking”

  1. I smoked two packs a day for about ten years, but I smoked for eleven years. That first year was just doing it because I had turned 18 and was now allowed to legally. Probably the dumbest reason ever. I was able to quit after I finally realized that it had so much control over me. Every decision I made was based on whether or not I could smoke. The missionaries helped, with a stop smoking program that worked really well. Also, a man from Church explained that in Genesis we learn that We are given domain over Everything….including smoking….and yet it had domain over me for so long. Not any more. Great post.

    1. Congratulations for making that decision and sticking to it. It honestly sometimes takes other people to put things into perspective for us, and to help us overcome things we might normally stay enslaved to. Thank you for your comment!

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