Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: On a Mission

2 thoughts on “Growing Up Seventh-Day Adventist: On a Mission”

  1. I would love to hear what churches “believe they keep their own and let no one else in, or religions based solely on ethnicity, being an SDA means sharing the message and trying to convert others,” because I feel as though at the Baptist school I was misled/mistaught about other religions. I’ll have to share my story on their view of Catholicism and our associations with Catholics in a blog entry sometime. Remind me.

    Your church activity sounds very familiar to mine, as well as the motivations. We had a similar church program to your Pathfinders. Boys and girls were taught separately until high school and the girls went up the ranks in different flower names (roses, daisies, etc.) and we earned badges for things, very much like girl scouts. As an adult, I play in the bell choir and was a women’s ministry leader. I sang in choirs at the school I went to. I participated in VBS as a child and helped as an adult. I’ve attended many tent revivals (and love them, to be honest). I wish more churches did tent revivals. I was also taught to witness, share, etc. Although it was never a door-to-door type of thing, we were always to be aware of our actions and be willing to share our testimony. To let our light shine, so to speak.

    i used to work with a SDA, and recall some interesting discussions we had about his diet, etc. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    1. Well, I’ll say this much. There are some religions that are seen as cults. They have this select membership and they neither solicit others not let others in. I’ve been around people from these churches, and they are very stand-offish. Anyway, I’m glad to see that there are shared traits between religions. As SDA is what I grew up with, I love to hear how others grew up, the differences and similarities.

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