High Heels and Homemaking: A Tongue in Cheek Commentary

13 thoughts on “High Heels and Homemaking: A Tongue in Cheek Commentary”

  1. You are beginning to amaze me. You spin a good story– but! In the so called civilized world there was WWI & WWII for starters and numerous wars to many to comment on. Even today, so many wars of varying scales, and spread across many nation states is being waged. Starting with the civil war thousands died and even more thousands perhaps millions of men were either physically or mentally destroyed, the same is true of this present age. Somehow this slaughter of the male population certainly figures into the matter you have jumped on. Somehow I think your thinking on such issues, including water coolers is striking a discord with my living experience on this earth. I like your smile, maybe that is why I continue to follow and read your postings. Nothing is ever black & white when it comes to humans. Needless to say I do recall ruling female Queens. And I don’t think Delilah was a home-body either. 🙂

    1. Well, thank you very much for liking my smile. I will smile more. As for my postings, keep in mind that this one was tongue on cheek, and the water cooler is just that, idle conversation among work colleagues. Cheers!

      1. Tongue & cheek. Blowing hot air. Playing devil’s advocate. Idle waste of time and words. Rather hear love others as you love yourself, male, female.

      2. Someone once told me that you can’t be serious all the time. We need people to illuminate things using humor.

  2. Cool post to think about, or to at least consider. As a woman, I feel a defensive streak cut loose at the words “this can be attributed to the feministic movements”, by which you pretty much meant women. I doubt there’s only one explanation for such a complex phenomenon.. But certainly an interesting social trend to look at from that perspective, thanks for that!

  3. Hell yes. Especially how something as silly as “income” can influence health, voting behavior, even one’s kids’ future! It’s nice to be able to hide a little behind your own upbringing when you make bad calls, hah! But seriously, it’s definitely awesome when someone brings along a perspective you hadn’t really thought of.. Like this one 🙂

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