300 Writing Prompts: #48

“Why do you think some people are successful in life and others are not?” Well, first off, I don’t think it has anything to do with how hard you work. It’s really all about definitions, isn’t it? I took a workshop once where the primary question the presenter asked us was what our definition of … Continue reading 300 Writing Prompts: #48

300 Writing Prompts: #11

“Do you prefer taking risks or having a safety net?”

from allthingsd.comWhen I was a kid we used to go to Sesame Place in the summers. It was conveniently located not too far away from home, it was geared towards the younger set, and we loved the TV show so we were in awe of the characters we ran into on the fake streets. I was a particular fan of Big Bird because I just couldn’t see how any bird could be that HUGE. This was of course before I realized that there really was no bird that was as huge as Big Bird, you know, because Big Bird was fake.

Anyway, the coolest thing about Sesame Place (besides meeting the characters) was getting to climb Big Bird’s Nest, a cool series of nets made of thick ropes tied and twisted together. I loved it because we could climb as high as we wanted and then if we let go we would just drop onto the lower part of the netting and be safe from crashing to the ground. Nothing beat the adrenaline of falling through the air with my eyes closed, knowing I would be cushioned at the end. That’s the same reason I would never sky dive. A parachute isn’t nearly as reliable as Big Bird’s Nest.

But how does that translate to real life? I wouldn’t say I’m a big risk-taker generally. I prefer to let things come to me instead of going out and getting them. When it comes to huge things, though, that’s when I will take those risks, for the chance of big change instead of all those little shifts. And sometimes that propensity to take the bigger risks works out, while sometimes I fall flat, but at least I can honestly say I left nothing out there. I can say that I closed my eyes and fell with no idea if a net would be under me at the bottom. Continue reading “300 Writing Prompts: #11”