Endless Summer

When I was a kid, summers were for having fun outside. They were all about riding our bikes, swimming (if we had the chance), playing in the hydrant (more often than swimming), YMCA camps, and staying away from bologna as much as possible. It was the time of year when, even though we had responsibilities, they weren’t as immediate or as detrimental to our precious time as at other times of the year.

That’s because summers were truly endless. It was like someone flipped the switch, the room became bright, and the bulb didn’t burn out until three months down the line. It didn’t matter that we still had church every week because nothing else was really set in stone. Because summers were for us kids. My mom still went to work every day, and she left us a chores list, but we would blast those out of the water and move on to the more fun stuff.

It’s funny. Even though we lived in the poorer part of town (sorry, North Philly) and there was a lot of… activity around, it was like we were in our own protective bubble, being kids. Continue reading “Endless Summer”

Summer in Rome

So I’m teaching summer school again — in Rome, NY — and the more things change the more they stay the same. Last year they cut way back on both staffing and on programming, but this year things are back to some sense of semi-normalcy. Instead of having just 2 teachers and 2 subjects for … Continue reading Summer in Rome

Block Party

“Sittin’ with your friends as y’all reminisce about the days growing up and the first person ya kissed. And as I think back makes me wonder how the smell from a grill can spark up nostalgia.” ~Will Smith Saturdays in May in the ghetto. Philadelphia loud and heavy with mood. The base booming from a … Continue reading Block Party