July 2, 2005

10 years ago today I found out I was going to be a father. I remember it like it was yesterday — the anticipation, the nerves, the hope that it was indeed going to happen, that it wasn’t a cruel joke being played on me by God. And yet it seemed like God was on … Continue reading July 2, 2005

Weather or Not

I was getting proactive. I swear I was. The clothes had been washed, and instead of tossing them into the dryer I hiked all the way outside to put them on the line. You see, we have a clothesline out in the backyard. It consists of two sturdy posts with a snaking line of rope … Continue reading Weather or Not

Dear Journal: Got Milk?

Dear Journal, I forgot the milk. Twice. What’s wrong with me? The first time was somewhat understandable. I mean, it was cold and I had been saving it for last, during my shopping trip to Target. Of course I checked and double-checked my list to make sure I had all the items on it, but … Continue reading Dear Journal: Got Milk?