Mocking Socks

These little socks mock me. I get them warm from the dryer or slightly stiff from the drying rack one by one and line them up like little soldiers on the bedspread. Some of them obviously match others, and I am ecstatic that those pairs made it safely together through the washing and drying process, … Continue reading Mocking Socks

Weather or Not

I was getting proactive. I swear I was. The clothes had been washed, and instead of tossing them into the dryer I hiked all the way outside to put them on the line. You see, we have a clothesline out in the backyard. It consists of two sturdy posts with a snaking line of rope … Continue reading Weather or Not

More Laundry

So, yeah, the laundry is never ending. I can’t wait until the girls get old enough to do it by themselves, but until then I’ll take what I can get, which is Alexa folding clothing in her own way, and putting it away in drawers. On the other hand, there’s Maddie, who knows what clothing … Continue reading More Laundry

Laundry Days

I remember laundry days. They almost always happened on Sundays in the morning, while everyone else seemed to be at church, well, everyone else from our block anyway. We would head down to the laundromat on Baltimore Avenue, pushing along the little Chinese folding laundry cart full of our dirty clothes in garbage bags. I’m … Continue reading Laundry Days