On Turning 39

I remember all of my birthdays, starting with the one to commemorate my turning 6. I had a Batman cake that year, and I recall the Batman looked a little wilted, and I said as much to my mother. It was the old school Batman with the non-form fitting suit. In fact, if I’m not … Continue reading On Turning 39

The Nick Nolte Syndrome

“Strange, don’t you think I’m looking older? Something good has happened to me. Change is a stranger you have yet to know.” ~George Michael You know those actors who never seem to age, the ones like Courteney Cox, who is virtually indistinguishable from her initial Friends foray over 20 years ago, or Will Smith, who … Continue reading The Nick Nolte Syndrome

Parasol Days

“These are parasol days, when young ladies learn to be young ladies and young gentlemen are afraid to tip their hats for fear of engagement.” ~Anonymous “They grow up so fast, don’t they?” I hear that from just about everyone I come in contact with who asks about my daughters. And I know they’re right … Continue reading Parasol Days

Sleep Deprived

I fell asleep in the library again, and I think I know the culprit. I’m lucky no one stole any of my personal possessions while I was passed out. Perhaps it was because I was propped up in the seat with a book open on my lap so I appeared like I would awaken if … Continue reading Sleep Deprived