Friday Top 5: Songs of 1998

Nineteen ninety-eight was the year I was supposed to have graduated from college, but that feat didn’t actually happen until 2003. Instead, I was moving to Tennessee that year. That was back before my self-imposed exile from radio, so I was still grooving to N*Sync and Mariah Carey back-to-back every fifteen minutes on EVERY RADIO … Continue reading Friday Top 5: Songs of 1998

Friday Top 5: Quotes

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.” – Winston Churchill One thing that my favorite quotes have in common is the sense of immediacy that comes along with them. They’re not just quotes said for a particular time in history and that only fit in that time. They transcend moments and eras, and they speak … Continue reading Friday Top 5: Quotes

Friday Top 5: Myths About Women

5. Women are poor drivers.

Sure, you probably know a woman or two who has a lead foot when it comes to driving, who thinks of speed limits as suggestions rather than hard and fast rules. And you know you have a death grip on the door or on your seat the entire time you’re in the car, especially when she takes curves at 95 mph. In fact, any time you’re forced to take a ride with her, you always strongly hype your vehicle as the car to take just so you can drive instead of her. Then she laughs at you and calls you a wimp for going 70 in a 65. But, odds are that you also know guys who are just like that too, and women who would make your grandma look like a race car driver too.

4. Women are emotionally weaker than men.

Just because many women are in touch with their emotions or wear their emotions on their sleeves does not make them weaker. Continue reading “Friday Top 5: Myths About Women”

Friday Top 5: ’80s Slogans

Heathcliff Huxtable

Ehmagosh! The 1980s was the era of big hair, of the Huxtables, of Bo knowing all sorts of stuff, and of Reaganomics. Ask any two people who were of age during that time period and you’ll get a million different answers about what made the ’80s so special. Now we look back and we can’t help thinking about how cheesy it all seems from a distance, but when we were in the middle of it, the ’80s were breathtaking. My earliest memories took place in 1984 when I was seven years old, and revolved around music. Some of my best memories took place in 1988 when I was eleven years old and I wrote my first short story.

But some of the shared memories were the best because if I bring them up, like the Huxtables above, others will go, “Yeah! I remember that too!” It’s that shared experience that make the ’80s so exciting to revisit (like some kind of hot tub time machine). Some of the biggest shared memories were those ’80s slogans that kept going around and around our heads. They were so catchy! So, here are my top 5 ’80s slogans:

5. “How do you spell relief? R-O-L-A-I-D-S.” Continue reading “Friday Top 5: ’80s Slogans”