a sense of community

For years I spent my time on Facebook following celebrities, leaving comments on friends’ posts, dropping an occasional meme, and once in a blue moon posting pictures or posts of my own. I didn’t really take too much time out of my day for groups or anything like that, but this year… yeah, this year … Continue reading a sense of community

Friend Requests

In this age of Facebook it’s all about numbers. Who has the most “friends?” How many friends are mutual between you and somebody else — and anybody else? How many likes do your friends have on their posts? And my favorite — how many friend requests are pending, how long have they been in stasis, … Continue reading Friend Requests

My Facebook Wall

My Facebook wall is filled with friends, and acquaintances, and people I used to know eons ago who somehow found me again and decided to reconnect without reconnecting. And they say the wildest things sometimes, some kind of over-sharing that’s become popular these days. They post photographs of themselves in various stages of undress, in … Continue reading My Facebook Wall

An Every Day Husband

100_2358Most of my Facebook friends are female, and the three biggest variations of their status updates include how they’re bored, how they’re annoyed, or how they’re frustrated. Usually these statuses involve men in one way or another. Either their husband, or their boyfriend, or the boy they like wronged them in some way, and they’re taking out their ire in the best way they know how, through social media. I follow the conversations generated from those status updates, and usually these emotions are seconded, and thirded, and fourthed (sure, those are all words) by other females who seem to feel the exact same way. “You go, girlfriend,” or “What has your man done for you lately?” are echoed on the walls and timelines of women near and far. Are men really that irresponsible and neglectful? Do we take women for granted the longer they’ve been with us?

So, I decided to look at my own relationship to see how it worked on an individual level. Are there things I do that contribute to my wife being frustrated or annoyed? And the startling answer is yes, but I can’t leave it there. What can I do to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore, or to limit that from happening? So I made a list…

  • Sometimes I am oblivious
  • I lack a certain amount of common sense
  • Sometimes I don’t “sense the mood”
  • I say I’m a romantic but I don’t always do romantic things
  • Communication is sometimes lacking
  • I get caught up in daddy-mode instead of spouse-mode
  • I need to be an every day husband

But what does that mean, to be an every day husband? Continue reading “An Every Day Husband”

— Feeling Left Out

App not. Want not.

I admit it. I love Facebook. The FB app is on the first page of my phone’s apps, so when I turn it on it’s staring me in the face. I love Facebook so much that I even have the separate FB Messenger app, and the FB Page Manager app, even though I could probably do both of those things just fine from the original Facebook app. I just like being able to say I have three FB apps on my phone. Yeah, I’m just cool like that.

But I noticed something in the last couple of weeks that causes me distress. It seemed like everybody else who¬† used the mobile FB app could display how they were feeling in their status lines and I couldn’t. Heck, I still can’t. And I’m beginning to think that it’s some kind of conspiracy. Maybe not quite on the level of the “grassy knoll” thing, but pretty darn close. It’s like identity theft or something, but instead it’s app functionality theft. Continue reading “— Feeling Left Out”