I Remember

I remember… Phillies’ games on school afternoons the smell of popcorn at my first movie a time when tapes were king long walks up and down South Street paddle boating in Baltimore asking Kareema Perkins to go steady wishing for rain in summer dreaming of sheep in order to sleep blushing but no one noticing … Continue reading I Remember

Hate is Stronger Than Love

We can all agree that the two most powerful emotions in the world are love and hate. Indeed, every other emotion seems to stem from these two. Things like jealousy, longsuffering, greed, compassion, despair, and redemption ride in on one of those two thoroughbreds, love or hate. There have been many love songs written and … Continue reading Hate is Stronger Than Love


It’s all so trivial, life The discontent, the jealousy, The patterns that don’t exist In the back of my mind’s eye While the song plays softly Marking time when I can no longer Drifting toward the dividing line And driving me to distraction It’s all so meaningless, time The weathered nature of the soul Seated … Continue reading Equilibrium