The Immaculate Conversation

52f29d839786d977bccd12da8064f857Sometimes I imagine what it would have been like to be a fly on the wall in some nondescript building in Nazareth shortly after the conception of Jesus Christ. Think about it. She was already engaged to a working man, a carpenter named Joseph, who already knew she was a virgin when they were courting, and she had to find a time and place to explain to him that she was pregnant. It was obviously not his kid, and she had to know how ludicrous it would all sound, but there were no options for her. It was like a Band-Aid. She had to rip it off quickly and hope he wasn’t grossed out by the wound.

Mary {walking in the door}: Joe, we need to talk.

Joseph: Let me guess. You want to call off the wedding? I already called the dove guy. He’s got 100 birds ready and waiting.

Mary {shaking her head}: No, no. But you might want to call it off yourself after you hear what I have to tell you.

Joseph: The last time you said something like that it was because you sold your prize goat that was supposed to part of your dowry. But that was cool with me, and I’m sure this will be too.

Mary: Joe, this isn’t even remotely like selling a goat. I wish it was, honestly.

Joseph: Okay, Mare, now you’ve got me worried. Just spit it out and we’ll deal with it. Together.

Mary: Just remember that I’ve never lied to you before. Please keep that in mind because this may be a bit fantastic to hear. Heck, I would think I was crazy if I wasn’t there myself to see what happened.

Joseph: Mare, have you been drinking the mead from behind the temple again? Continue reading “The Immaculate Conversation”

Friday Top 5: Teen Dramas

Through the years there have been television programs geared towards teenagers of the moment, whether it be teens of the ’70s (Welcome Back, Kotter), teens of the ’80s (Head of the Class), teens of the ’90s (Saved By the Bell), or teens of the ’00s (The O.C.). The lure of these shows is that teenagers definitely watched, either because they identified with the characters, or because they enjoyed making fun of the language they used. And they still watch. The problems arise when the shows move beyond the teen years. It becomes harder to keep the viewers they had, and most teen shows fade after three or four seasons because of it. Here is my ode to the teen dramas that have affected me the most.

There is but one.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer –

I’ve worked hard to make my peace with the lack of a comma in the title of this series, but otherwise the show was perfect. It had everything you could possibly look for in a teen drama: the romantic entanglements (remember Angel? Spike?), the constant issues, the friend conundrum, and the evil vampires that HAD TO GET SLAYED! What? You don’t remember the evil vampires in your high school? That was the true glory of the show, that it mixed the mundane and the supernatural, and while it was hokey at times, it filled that niche that had never been filled before. Or since. Continue reading “Friday Top 5: Teen Dramas”