depressed much?

“How come you always write such depressing characters?” someone asked me once. They always ask this, because more than half of my characters have somehow decided to be depressing. I don’t always plan it out that way, but perhaps I’m averse to happy characters, or happy endings, or people who embody the sometimes joy of … Continue reading depressed much?

Letting Them Breathe

Six months later, plus a couple of breaks, and the hectic nature of work, but I’m finally nearing the end of the yellow brick road on this new novel. The hardest part is finishing the first draft, especially when the world tends to intrude on the fictional more often than not. It started with the … Continue reading Letting Them Breathe

Like a God

If we write what we know, then why do I keep penning tales about absent fathers who try to buy their daughters’ affections with gifts? How come I write poems about lost love that still twists the knife in deep every single day even though it’s been ages since that love was manifested? Why is … Continue reading Like a God

Joining the Family

I’ve been writing since I was 10 years old, and what I’ve learned is that the writing process is never the same for any one of my pieces. Sometimes the story takes me along for the ride while other times my imagination is driving the storyline. Half of the time the place is central while … Continue reading Joining the Family