Walk On

“And I know it aches, and your heart it breaks. You can only take so much. Walk on.” ~U2 I went for a walk this morning for the first time in it seems like forever. It used to be a regular occurrence a few years ago when I started in the early summer and stopped … Continue reading Walk On

The River

The river takes aim Sliding slickly through On its way out to sea It follows the winding path As it meanders downhill Fish along for the ride They swim valiantly against The churning waves Desperate to go upriver But forced into the slide The water is pale gray As it carries silt and sand Through … Continue reading The River

Like Glass

Water clear and cool Reflecting like glass Showing imperfections In shocking clarity Fog rolling against Sliding smoothly over Like a knife’s blade Sharpened by time Ripples flow outward Reaching the shore Distorting faces Shadowed in the smoke Cleared by the breeze Reflection flawless As night closes in For a moment of time You can see … Continue reading Like Glass