Nineteen Blackbirds

Atop a razor thin wire thirty feet above my head, nineteen blackbirds are perched, resolutely, zombie-like, side by side by side, as if waiting for the bus. Their balance is perfect, so self-assured that most appear to be asleep standing up, the skimpy thread bowing under their combined weight but under no threat of ripping. … Continue reading Nineteen Blackbirds

Saving Daylight

The sun disappears too soon Fading beyond the frayed horizon But the stars don’t want to play Locked into a self-imposed jail Hiding beneath this dark canopy Of undeveloped sky While the moon sits high Looking down on a humanity It can’t help imitating In its competitive stance In this unrepentant dance Between fractured souls … Continue reading Saving Daylight

This Endless Refrain

These storms come heavy Moody like jazz Fat drops in rhythm Pounding down steady A slash of lightning Brilliant as day But only for a moment Before thunder booms Like a pounding bass Echoing for miles Desperate to get home But lost along the way This Oklahoma swoon Shackled to night’s shadow Haunting in its … Continue reading This Endless Refrain