expecting nothing

I have very few expectations out of life. Well, out of general life anyway. I used to have these pie-in-the-sky yearnings that were never going to come true, that were destined to disappoint me, but I dreamed anyway. I remember everyone telling me the sky was the limit, but then I kept thinking of how … Continue reading expecting nothing


In a Shakespearean tragedy, if you were one of the title characters you could quickly assume you would be dead by the end of the production, and you would be right 100% of the time. Romeo, Juliet, Lear, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello… the list goes on. It was no joy being selected as the primary character. … Continue reading titular

skipping the miracle

I almost skipped Hanukkah this year. It was kind of like the Kranks skipping Christmas, in that mercurial John Grisham novel turned movie, with a cranky Tim Allen and an overbaked Jamie Lee Curtis. Of course, for them they had a tropical vacation waiting on them, while I was just going to skip Hanukkah because … Continue reading skipping the miracle