Losing Touch

3 thoughts on “Losing Touch”

  1. Very thought provoking. I think that one if the benefits of social media is actually having the possibility of touch for those relationships that have drifted for various reasons. People who once held a prime spot in my life, even if we don’t talk for years, are still people I know would jump to my rescue if ever called upon (and vice versa). So I leave them on my friends lists..knowing it’s a lasting bond we have that doesn’t always need constant communication.

  2. I also believe that it really is okay to lose touch with someone. Forcing ourselves to hang on to people who were important to us in the past can really damage the relationships that are truly valuable in the present.
    Here’s to the cull! (although I haven’t gotten around to doing it myself yet)

    1. It’s hard to let go, though, even if we know it is detrimental to us to keep trying to hang on at this point. It’s tough to ever say goodbye to people who used to mean a lot to us.

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