We All Bleed

“When blood sees blood of its own, it sings to see itself again. It sings to hear the voice it’s known. It sings to recognize the face.” ~Suzanne Vega (“Blood Sings”). I’m afraid of blood, even though we all bleed. There’s just something about the redness of it all, the overwhelming red that drowns out … Continue reading We All Bleed

Election Results

The results are in, and they say we are a highly dysfunctional group, as Americans. Of course this is what happens when social media becomes larger than God, when everyone believes their opinion should be paramount, when news media skews their coverage, and when the choices are so polarizing. It’s not even about who wins … Continue reading Election Results

The Process | Part 2

“This is where it gets hard, in the perseverance of persistence, in the impetus to forge ahead when clouds obscure your way.” ~Theodicus There’s a wall, not a literal one, but one that seems just as solid when faced with it. It’s called the 10,000 word threshold. By the time I get to it every … Continue reading The Process | Part 2

The Process | Part 1

Writing is a process. I’ve always thought that, but it’s only been lately that I’ve honestly tried to pick it apart, at least my own process. That’s because up until 2012 I hadn’t focused on writing larger works. I had been content with shorter pieces like short stories and poetry, which didn’t require too much … Continue reading The Process | Part 1