N’est Ce Pas?

11 thoughts on “N’est Ce Pas?”

  1. Finally, another person who took French. Everyone I meet tells me they took Spanish. My favorite phrase was, Je voudrais vin blanc s’il vous plait. My spelling is off i’m sure, but I know how to say it lol! I started with the basics in 4th grade and ended with one semester in college. I just never had the opportunity to put any of it to use. I really should brush up on it. Great post by the way!

    1. I took French because I thought it would get me girls. Didn’t work. Lol. But I absolutely fell in love with the language. I’m glad to find someone else who took it too. Thanks for appreciating the post!

      1. It wasn’t a total loss. I’m sure your brain got a great workout trying to remember if a noun was masculine or feminine and of course conjugations. French is in my blood so I was interested in learning the language. You are a gifted person. It’s easy to appreciate your work!

      2. Conjugations were my meat and potatoes. It was fending off the cheaters who wanted to look over my shoulder during tests that made the class difficult. Sometimes I wish French was in my blood.

      3. Oh you don’t have to tell me about it. I loved my French classes and took them seriously. No one was cheating off my test. But no amount of cheating could help them on the oral exams! I used to love watching those attempted cheaters stumble and studder through it. (I know I’m a horrible person for this. Don’t judge me!) Sometimes I wish my bloodline wasn’t so complex! I will give you my French, and I will keep the rest.

      4. Now I seriously need to know about this bloodline of yours! And yes, the oral exams were the absolute best. I was flawless with my inflections. It was my favorite class. I think we would have made great study buddies!

      5. *deep sigh* Well, there’s Irish, Native American, French, African American, and German. The perfect recipe for questions like, “What are you?” “You mixed?” “You speak Spanish?” “Oh you half white?” I could go on, but it would just annoy me.

        And I agree, we would have been great study buddies. I don’t usually work well with others, but you seem like the type of person who wants to exceed expectations.

      6. I’m a freak that way. Always have been. And I love the mixed heritage. It has always fascinated me. We would have been the best buddies because no one would have been pissed when someone didn’t pull their weight. Overachievers forever.

      7. I am really over here laughing! I never had study partners because I didn’t have time to play with slackers. I was completely fine on my own. And finally someone gets my love for being an overachiever!

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