300 Writing Prompts: #97

“You have a child and you have written one piece of advice that will be carried in his/her pocket for life. What is that advice?” Trust your instincts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made serious mistakes when I haven’t trusted my own instincts, or when I’ve allowed other people to make decisions … Continue reading 300 Writing Prompts: #97

The Reacher

“Every good relationship has a reacher and a settler. One person reaches for someone out of their league, and the other person settles for someone out of theirs.” I am the reacher. I know it, and I’ve known it all along. Which is okay, because my wife doesn’t know she’s the settler. Shhh. Nobody tell … Continue reading The Reacher


This silence is complete Dominant in its simplicity Exacting in its truth Devastating in its ruin Consuming like the night It inhabits the corners Like a diabolical thief Dispersing cold shadows And merging with the light Tuned to this frequency Constant and overwhelming Blinding in its depth Shallow in its melody Hiding in perfect sight … Continue reading Hush

In Like

“It’s hard to fall in love, but easy to fall in ‘like’, because ‘like’ doesn’t have such horrible connotations.” ~Anonymous I’m in like with you. No, really. I mean it. You are exactly the person I want to be because you’re cool, you’re funny, and you know how to calm other people down when they’re … Continue reading In Like