The Quietest Black Man in America

3 thoughts on “The Quietest Black Man in America”

  1. Hi Sam, humans are the strangest species – we just can’t seem to stop categorising each other and in most cases in the most sweeping terms. In my rather dusty knowledge of genetics at least there is more variation within a group of people who may appear similar than there is between groups which may appear vastly dissimilar.

    1. Chas, I completely agree, and yet society can’t seem to get out of its own way when it comes to race and sweeping generalizations. We are all uniquely individual people who should never be penned up, in any way.

      1. Hi Sam – somehow – no matter how hard you try – you find yourself categorising people. A new colleague recently joined our team and set up her workplace in an array of bright pink items. Initially I sort of parked her in a particular monotype on the basis of that. But of course once again that’s just the outer shell and doesn’t really say much about the person beneath.

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