Two For Tuesday

blacktuesday“Be thankful for the small things, because the smaller they are to you the bigger they are to someone else.” ~Anonymous

I never really thought about it before, but we all have agendas. Every single person has a list of things that are important to them, and tries to chart a path to achieving those things. Whether it be a particular career, a certain amount of money, a trip to Disney World, or getting that new razor they’ve been eyeing, it’s special to them. And while having the Donkey Kong emulator on my phone is important to me, you would never understand.

It works the same way with being grateful to others. While some things we thank others for may seem small and insignificant to us, we could very well have made their day just by acknowledging them at all. And it works the same way for us. Others never know how one word might have completely changed our lives, even though to them it was such a small thing. Because we are all different we should never be flippant or forgetful about thanking those who do things for us.

This Tuesday I’m reminded of some things I considered small at the time, but looking back on them I realize they made a profound difference in my life.

1. I’m grateful for the summer of 1994. I had just graduated from high school and was given a trip to Huntsville, Alabama, as a reward. For two weeks I got to stay at my aunt’s apartment (all by myself) and pretend I was already an adult. My first act as an adult? I bought a pizza from Little Caesar’s. My second act? Cranking up the stereo and listening to August and Everything After, by the Counting Crows. It was hot. It was exhilarating. It was a kind of freedom I realized later doesn’t exist in real adulthood.

2. I’m grateful for my memory. I’ve taken it for granted so often in my life because it’s always been in my arsenal, but lately I’ve started to realize just how special it is to be able to recall so much from so long ago. Many others can barely keep track of what happened last week, so their memories just aren’t expansive while mine are. Sometimes I bring up vivid experiences from when I was young and others are amazed at it. I think it’s just something some people have and others don’t, and I wish I was able to share the ability. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I share this blog instead of making it private, because in some small way I want to share my memories with you.



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