The Anti-Bucket List“If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging.” ~Will Rogers

It seems like maybe 10 years ago or so there was this big movement that sprung up surrounding all the things you want to do before you die, and it was labeled with the title of “bucket list.” I guess it had something to do with throwing things into your bucket and then taking them out one by one. But regardless of where the name came from, it means creating a list and crossing things off one by one as you do them. It’s a way of creating your own epitaph of sorts while you’re still alive. I hate the bucket list.

Now, let me clarify something before continuing this entry. I like the idea of achieving things I set out to achieve, of completing my goals in a systematic fashion, but I also enjoy being spontaneous and letting life come at me as it will, then adjusting to it. I worry that the bucket list itself forces you into a box that’s hard to see out of, much less to think outside of, and that bothers me. So I haven’t created one, but it’s a personal choice; if you’ve made one more power to you. Instead, I have an anti-bucket list full of all the things I never want to do. “Wanna hear it? Here it go.”


  1. Eat meat
  2. Ride a motorcycle
  3. Sky-dive
  4. Drink light beer
  5. Buy an iPhone
  6. Finish a horrible book
  7. Be a bad role model
  8. Bungee jump
  9. Over-commit myself
  10. Lose touch with family
  11. Stop being sensitive
  12. Wear another dress
  13. Be un-healthy
  14. Shoot a gun
  15. Forget where I came from
  16. Take my friends for granted
  17. Drive a truck
  18. Lie to myself
  19. Go back to church
  20. Stop writing
  21. Waste opportunities
  22. Talk badly about others
  23. Drive while intoxicated
  24. Be less than genuine
  25. Drink decaf coffee
  26. Snake-charm
  27. Be inconsiderate
  28. Ignore my limitations
  29. Stop reading
  30. Create a bucket list



3 thoughts on “The Anti-Bucket List

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  1. Other than wearing a dress, i agree with oyu. 🙂

    The name bucket list comes from the phrase “to kick the bucket”, euphemism for dying. I have not made a list, but once in awhile I reflect on things to do before dying and that gets me inspired to do them.

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