Dear Journal: Embarrass Much?

3 thoughts on “Dear Journal: Embarrass Much?”

  1. Lol. I know man. It’s where our world is heading. I remember when I was in school and I did something wrong and the lunch lady “you outta be ashamed of yourself”, I felt like the lowest people that day. People don’t get these feelings anymore.
    I mean, fighting is popular on social media.( I think it might be because of worldstarhiphop) Gone are the days when we think to ourselves, what would my mother or father think? Before doing something. Now we say “turn down for what!”
    Yolo, smh, brohug are in the oxford dictionary. Who would have thought. Culture is changing but I’ll choose to raise my kids with a little more respect than that. So help me God.. Because it’s going to be tough.

    1. It really is difficult not only to raise your kids the way we were raised but also to teach them why they shouldn’t share everything with everybody. It is the world we are fighting when we try to do that, and the world us incredibly pervasive.

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