Why Guys Cheat

2 thoughts on “Why Guys Cheat”

  1. I agree with everything you said here, but why target only men? I personally was on the receiving end when my wife of 28-years cheated on me causing our marriage to end. I think the worst result that comes out of cheating is a loss of trust for future relationships. In all the broken relationships I’ve been witness to, I’ve noticed an underlying factor, which is that there was usually more than the two cheaters involved. There was always at least one person prodding the cheaters along. I’ve also noticed that most cheaters wind up cheating again on their new spouses.

    Cheating in a relationship is an indication of weak character, morals and self-control. It is also a disregard for other family members like kids, friends, relatives, etc. Once a person becomes labeled a cheater, their trust value diminishes greatly amongst those who are closest to them.

    I believe the majority of people who cheat on their spouses do so for physical gratification.- SEX. I’ve known men and women who cheated that were married to or dating very attractive people, were financially secure, but they still went out and cheated.

    So what does that say?

    The cheater’s world is a sad one and one that promises no future happiness. It is one absorbed in self-centeredness and physical gratification. After the thunderbolt fizzles out they going looking for a new one.

    Good post!

    1. Just a quick note. I wasn’t only targeting men. I just didn’t like the way “People” sounded in the title, and I can’t stand using he/she as my pronoun throughout. It’s just an aesthetic thing, but I completely agree that women cheat just as much as men do. I think perhaps the culture surrounding the men who cheat is so pervasive though that the women who cheat don’t get nearly as much inch-space, if you know what I mean.

      For cheaters, I agree as well. They really are looking for the “next big hit,” and they will keep on going looking for it. That’s why it’s so true what they say. If he/she will cheat on someone for you, why won’t he/she cheat on you for someone else? It makes sense. Newness fades, and if there isn’t something solid underneath it’s just like quicksand.

      Thanks for your reply!

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