Reason to Believe

6 thoughts on “Reason to Believe”

  1. My expectations in relationships have conformed themselves to my past experiences in relationships. I think to a large degree, that’s as it should be but at this point, I’m such a good protector of my heart that I’m not sure anyone can really get very close to at all.
    In the end, I’m a bit too careful but I also don’t get burned. If nothing else, it saves me from having to go through the recovery and rebound phases.
    I still believe though, that as complex as I am and as complicated as my life has been, there will be those who can handle that.. and I’ll know them when I meet them because I won’t feel the need to be so guarded. Until then, I’m my own soldier.. as (sadly) so many people have to be these days.

    1. I think that happens to so many people. If our heart was broken by someone who lies, then we are extremely sensitive to liars, or we assume that everyone we meet is lying as well. It’s so difficult where hearts are concerned.

      I agree with you, too, that for all the quirks we may have as individuals, there are people out there who will celebrate them instead of avoiding us because of them.

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