Skinny Girls Can’t Win

7 thoughts on “Skinny Girls Can’t Win”

  1. I have a post by a guest blogger going up in a few minutes. It actually touches on a few of these issues. The blogger Invisible Princess does a whole series on body image. Worth checking out.

      1. How easy they have it? Depends in who they are. There is a very ugly and destructive side to thinness, which is propelled by the beauty industry, as you mentioned. I’m glad that comment made you mad. Whoever said it wasn’t *really* thinking.

      2. I think others find it really easy to judge just because they don’t know how something really is. They project and they generalize. What I would love to hear are stories about how people have been judged for any number of things and then how they set people straight. I can only imagine what you’ve gone through being thin.

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