The 3 Days Conundrum

Winner-120x2403 days until National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), and I have absolutely no idea what my novel is going to be about. Okay, I will edit that statement. I have way too many ideas of what I think my novel should be about, and none of them are strong enough in my mind to drive the other ones out. Not quite the way to begin a month-long project of love, eh? Here are some of my ideas…

  • A space odyssey (but not set in 2001)
  • A romance (because I’ve never written one before)
  • A classic mystery
  • A period piece
  • A supernatural tale
  • A fake memoir
  • A horror story
  • A modern mystery

The truly depressing thing about having so many ideas is that each one has already begun to weave itself a web inside of my mind and I’m already making a lot of connections. And I know what you’re going to say. I should just write a classic mystery supernatural romance horror story that has elements of modern mystery, that is set in space, and I would write it if I felt I could. But I’m one of those writers trained in pretty much sticking with one genre. I have no problem having elements of other genres in my stories and novels, but putting everything but the kitchen sink into this one will just make it cluttered. Yeah, I have a problem.

There’s good news too, though. I know that in the end whichever one I pick I will be able to write fluently about. It’s always the choosing in the first place that’s hardest, that and a title. Luckily I use a working title until I’m nearly done, as I do with everything I write, so I’m not pigeonholing myself into a corner I will desperately want to claw myself out of. I think I read somewhere that the average number of times an author changes his/her working title before settling on a final one is 13 times. So I just keep one working title throughout, and then I take a month just to finalize an actual title at the end. Or sometimes longer than a month. Titles are hard.

I can’t wait until Friday so I can get started, but I know this year it will be tougher than last year. You see, last year all I had to write each day during November was my NaNo book, while this year I’m maintaining blogs, which will carve time out of my schedule, but I can’t imagine not writing my daily blog entries. It’s really good for me to just get my thoughts out here, and thank you for always listening. Er, reading. 3 days until I start my new novel! I can’t wait.



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    1. I love the idea, because you’re not going to get stuck on one single idea, and you can still be creative and write the 50,000 words. Good luck to you! Are you going to be blogging about the experience during November?

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