I Did What? My Sordid Job History, Volume 8

4 thoughts on “I Did What? My Sordid Job History, Volume 8”

  1. Even I remember where I was on 9-11.
    I really liked this post, recognized a lot of it. And totally related to the feeling of being validated by people liking it. When I smashed up a cocktail and saw a bunch of girlfriends laughing and gossiping around them, it would feel so nice.

    1. Thank you so much, Clem, for liking this post. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series of posts about the various jobs I’ve had. I hadn’t realized how much I did use them to validate myself and my life until now, so it’s been kind of therapeutic. I think anyone who was above the age of 5 in 2001 should remember where they were, so I’m glad you do. 🙂

  2. Ah yes…food service jobs. They are such a rite of passage! Mine was at Dunkin Donuts. My most vivid memory is when a car slammed into the big front plate glass window one busy Saturday morning–luckily no injuries, just a lot of noise and glass! (I’m not making it up, I swear!) Like you, working there taught me a lot about responsibility and pride in product.

    I’m from the Midwest and we don’t have Mr. Gatti’s out here–but I could sure go for some pizza right now! 🙂

    1. That sounds like it would have been really funny with that plate glass window and the car. I remember one time at Gatti’s we had a customer who got so angry for whatever reason that he cracked the front glass door by kicking it. He had to pay for it, but it didn’t get fixed for ages.

      There’s just something about food service jobs that helps with responsibility, for some reason. And you want pizza? Now I want donuts. LOL.

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