Spare the Rod

7 thoughts on “Spare the Rod”

  1. Wow, it amazes me the number of parent who think that inflicting pain and fear on children is a good way to instill values and self-control. These are supposed to be individuals that your value, not property that you can hurt to get your own way or achieve a goal quickly despite any residual negative outcome. Hitting children as “discipline” shows a distinct lack of creativity, empathy and good judgment and flies in the face of the recommendation of virtually every legitimate professional medical or psychological group who look at research and behavior to form judgments. I am always amused at those who justify hitting children by saying they were hit as children and look how good they turned out. Really? So good that you perpetuate a cycle of violence against children continuing and justifying the mistakes your own parents made. You’re like the cigarette smokers who justify their smoking by saying that because grandpa smoked all his life and never got cancer then the science on the link between smoking and cancer can’t be right. Spanking parents are not necessarily bad people just people who are content to rely on old methods even bad old methods and to try to justify them. We don’t hit wives, prisoner, soldiers or animals in a civilized society with impunity but we still hit kids…and try to pretend that it’s a good thing. If you are not part of the solution, you ARE the problem.

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