The Apologist

“I wanted to apologize for everything I was, so I’m sorry, so sorry…” – The Apologist, R.E.M. I have said that phrase more than 2,159 times over the course of the past year, and each time it has come out of my mouth I’ve meant it. Forest Gump would probably say, “Sorry is as sorry … Continue reading The Apologist

Daily Prompt: A to Z

Annabelle Humphrey never met a chicken she didn’t like, from the conservatively thin Lebanese chicken to the speckled brown Argentinian species that only lives underground. Before she was 21 she had been introduced to over 200 different types of chickens all over the world, and it didn’t seem at all strange to her. Could be … Continue reading Daily Prompt: A to Z

Caving In

The sign read “Closed” But people went in and out Like flies from a dead man’s mouth Deceived by outward ambition Trapped in a vicious cycle They ventured forth in lines Tagged and numbered In twos and fours With vacant eyes Amidst silent misery Solid behind doors of steel And imaginary skin They came bearing … Continue reading Caving In

Grammatical Faux Pas

Grammar! Grammar! Oh yeah!

A friend of mine challenged me the other day over my use of the word “less” when I really meant to say “fewer.” When I looked back it in stark black and white there was honestly no way I could defend my position, and I felt beyond embarrassed. For me, an English teacher, who knows all of the rules, to blatantly demolish one because I was tired when I wrote the phrase was an untenable position. I immediately deleted it and hoped no one else had seen the horror that was my grammatical faux pas. But we are all human. Here are some of the more egregious grammatical faux pas I have seen and heard: Continue reading “Grammatical Faux Pas”