Friday Top 5: Spring Tidings

8 thoughts on “Friday Top 5: Spring Tidings”

  1. I remember all those things from when I lived in Michigan. It is not so extreme in Central California. But to me, Spring always smelled of baseball. Grass & horsehide (or artificial horsehide). I couldn’t wait to get to Tiger Stadium (The old one on Trumble) grab a bleacher seat for $0.50 and get a hot dog (I’m sure it was soy) for $1.00.

    1. Ah, the smell of baseball. I live close to Cooperstown now, so it’s interesting to think about how it smells up there. Not quite what I remember about baseball games during my youth. As for soy dogs, I would be all over those!

  2. I had a blackbird nest in the bonnet of my car. I failed to realise this until I had to open up to check my oil! Believe it or not. the birds had hatched and fledged – somehow – in between trips out in the car. I was relieved that the next season they used a ledge in the garage.

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