A Sam By Any Other Name

11 thoughts on “A Sam By Any Other Name”

  1. Boys tend to have groups of friends, all with their own nicknames. Which makes being introduced to them confusing! Take for example my boyfriend’s group of friends when I first met them – Biggie, TC, Vaz, Flowers, Tubz, Ironside, rP…. Granted some of their names were abbreviations of their full name or surname and many of them, like my boyfriend are DJs and so use their stage name. But when it came to adding them as friends on FB, it got confusing! Nobody suited their actual name.
    Again, in roller derby, we all have our derby names. When I first started training with my team, I didn’t know anyone’s actual name. Instead it was Minx, Toadie, Eve, Venom, Plau, Bruises…. Finding out their real world names was funny and hearing them called by their real names was even funnier to me!

    1. The funny thing is that in my family every single one of the males has a nickname, and hardly any of the females do. If I were to ever become a DJ I would be DJ Sam, because I’m just too cool like that.

      1. There is already a DJ Sammy but he is distinctly uncool. DJ Sam would be waaay cool 🙂
        I want to know your real name!

      2. I am Sam. Sam I am. I do not like eggs and I’ve never tasted ham. Lol. DJ Sam it is. I want to be like Moby. He is my hero.

        Oh, and I only have two friends who are male. And both go by their given names. Go figure.

        As for my real name, inbox me. 😉

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