Shades of Gray

6 thoughts on “Shades of Gray”

  1. Wow. Very interesting post. Got my heart racing with controverial thoughts [wink]. I live in an extremely multi-cultural city (Vancouver, CA) and I searched for what makes me happy as well, and I now am. šŸ™‚ I’m also glad to have read your perspective on this topic. It got me thinking for sure.

  2. Loved your post. I’m the dad of two girls who don’t look ANYTHING like me. Adopted from different parts of the world and pretty multi-ethnic. Seriously, my house looks like a daycare at the UN sometimes.

    I think ethnicity is VERY important. Your history matters and so does mine. I think where we mess up is when we start to think – or feel – that one person or culture’s history is more important or more valued than another’s.

    It works both ways, the extreme right thinks their ethnicity is more important, the extreme left has a tendency to think everyone else’s ethnicity is more important. I say we celebrate it ALL. Show me what you bring and I’ll show you mine. Together we both become richer and more balanced.

    If you’re interested in a bit of wisdom on the subject from my oldest daughter (who was five at the time) I posted about it a while ago.

    I LOVE the way you get me thinking.

    1. We are all relevant, indeed. I know my wife and I are committed to teaching our daughters where they come from, both sides of the equation. And that even crosses ethnicity, race, culture, everything. We come from very different places, but they come from the same one, one that has so much differentiation and so much history, so much joy AND pain. And they need to know it all, so they know why THEY are.

      Thank you for making me think in return. šŸ™‚

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