7 Grunge Albums You Must Add to Your Collection

6 thoughts on “7 Grunge Albums You Must Add to Your Collection”

  1. I guess your assuming everyone has Dirt in their collection, or else i don’t know how Dirt didn’t get mentioned on this list, hole isn’t a grunge band neither is STP or Bush(really? Bush though?) AiC put out better music than any of these bands, I guess deep, dark and brutally honest lyrics with complex, heavily distorted guitar play topped with the most emotional, haunting, and yet beautiful voice of Layne Staley is too complicated and not mediocre enough for most people. On days I’m looking to hear a mediocre singer with lyrics that are arguably catchy but without a doubt make no sense at all, with 3-power chord guitar play (very simple) I’ll turn to Nirvana. Best band on this list is Soundgarden, I completely agree superunknown deserves mention here, I having nothing against VS but I could also care less about that band post Andrew woods death (when they were mother love bone). In utero is nirvanas best album, but thats because bleach was too sloppy and nevermind was way too mainstream and dumbed down. I think I covered everything your list gets a D+, you can’t make a best of grunge anything without Alice In Chains especially when you have 3 bands that aren’t even a part of that genre, no matter how many people try and label them as grunge, they aren’t, simple as that.

    1. Nice review, but the list is not a “best of.” I agree that Dirt is a wonderful record, by the way. As for the inclusion of bands you refer to as non-grunge, it is the sound, not the label that was important to me when compiling the list. Plus, it is simply my opinion. Thanks for sharing yours. Now I must put Dirt in the player this morning!

  2. Haha sorry if I sounded too harsh that wasnt my intention, I was under the impression this was a “best of” STP had the grunge sound, I agree I only don’t consider them grunge because if you ask me grunge is just a code name for the “Seattle sound”. When you put it that way I withdraw my previous ranking of D+ and give it a B, like my previous post, it’s assumed we all have Dirt, Badmotorfinger, Core, and Nevermind and Ten in our library, call me biased I would have loved to see Facelift or the Self-Titled on here, good list though you should make a top 10 and include one of those two, Apple from mother love bone, temple of the dog and Above from mad season. That would be my personal top 10 only I never got into hole so I probably would replace that with maybe screaming trees or mudhoney. I’m unfamiliar with seven Mary three so that’s why I can neither object nor agree, good list bud.

    1. Dirt is definitely understood, as are the other ones you mentioned here. Mudhoney is definitely also worthy of a “best of,” which I never thought of because I know best ofs are always scrutinized very closely. LOL. Mad Season was amazing too, and you have me listening to them again because of your comment, so thank you. Just so you know, I too think that Nirvana’s chord progressions were way too simple, but I think that was also one reason they appealed to the masses with Nevermind. I’d be interested to know what you think of the new Soundgarden record.

  3. Haha nostalgia gets the best of all of us I was listening to mad season earlier that’s how I thought of that, I don’t hate Nirvana at all it’s just I feel they are a bit overrated I don’t think they are legendary at all but I do agree that people like them because they are a simple band with everyday guys ( then again what grunge band isn’t) I just feel that nevermind is their weakest album because it was toned down, made it have more of a mainstream sound. As for soundgarden a new album I enjoyed it, it was good to see them playing together again (I didn’t like Audioslave), I still prefer their older stuff, it’s just more original and they were in their prime back then, I felt the same way about black gives way to blue, only I enjoyed that less. I like the new singer a lot they couldn’t have found a better fill-in, but I feel they should have changed the name of the band, to me Alice in Chains died with Layne Staley…

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