Laying Down the Law: Parenting 102

5 thoughts on “Laying Down the Law: Parenting 102”

  1. “having a life partner who is on board with you ”

    That is one of the first things, very important to be consistent between the two parents.

  2. My daughter is 32 now, and I’m a new grandparent. I always tried to treat her like a little person with rights. Once I spanked and I regretted it. I grew up being spanked. I really don’t agree with that at all. Once she started to throw a fit at the check out counter at the grocery wanting something. Everyone sees this with kids. I already had something in the cart for her that she had picked out. I merely took it out and said take this back and put it on the shelf. She stopped cold.

    1. Each child is an individual, which is what we always need to remember. A punishment for one child may well be a reward for another. The more we know our children, the better equipped we are to discipline them, among other things.

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