Eleven Years Down

I seem to be obsessed with numbers lately, which makes sense because I just finished up another November of counting words. As much as I love National Novel Writing Month, it saps so much of my creative energy creating a world, and characters, and interactions, and then keeping track of the words, striving to get over the 50 thousand word threshold that is daunting every year, even after doing it seven years in a row.

And this morning I got an announcement from WordPress that I signed up for an account eleven years ago today. I don’t recall much about 2007 (I had a one-year old back then. You can feel me.) but I do remember wanting to have an escape, a way to get down my feelings. Funny how I didn’t actually start a personal blog back then. I’m guessing it was good enough just to say I had an account.

“So, you writing lately?”

“I got a WordPress account.”

“Cool, man.”

It was the idea of the account, I guess, the chance to say that I was a blogger (even though I wasn’t). But what WordPress did for me back then was it gave me something to come back to, when I was ready to really start a blog. Of course I had to remember my password by then, but I figured that out with time as well.

Yeah, eleven years was a lifetime ago, and I’ve created five blogs since then, with I can’t remember how many blog posts. Continue reading “Eleven Years Down”

My Reader

Would you be surprised if I told you that I don’t read very many blogs on a regular basis? Or that usually when I read other blogs it is in downtime, not a specified blog reading time? I don’t know how it is for other writers but I find that writing my blogs takes a … Continue reading My Reader