I tested the water Easy, easy at first A tentative touch Apprehensive at best Petrified at worst Wanting it to burn For old time’s sake A scalding lake To cleanse my sin Sloughing off this skin Like so much steam But instead it’s tepid Cool and clear And mockingly calm Desperately shallow Like I used … Continue reading Tepid

Like Glass

Water clear and cool Reflecting like glass Showing imperfections In shocking clarity Fog rolling against Sliding smoothly over Like a knife’s blade Sharpened by time Ripples flow outward Reaching the shore Distorting faces Shadowed in the smoke Cleared by the breeze Reflection flawless As night closes in For a moment of time You can see … Continue reading Like Glass


The bridge is out Submerged in water Ropes visible above Attached to heavy posts Drunk with the weight Of the river wide On its tiptoes Tilting the world Hazy and forbidden Even in summer When the rains come That slow buildup The quick switch Dropping the hammer Swift and solid A wall of water Sanguinely … Continue reading Deluge

The Flood

They said there’d be rain, and lots of it. They said it would start early and not end for weeks. They said it would be the single largest rainfall we’d ever had. And I laughed. I mean, honestly, who predicts rain in the middle of the dry season except for some absolute lunatics? They even … Continue reading The Flood