300 Writing Prompts: #138

“Write a one minute ‘Thank You’ note to someone.”

original_set-of-12-handmade-thank-you-note-cardsDear someone,

Thank you for being an important part of my life, for giving me a vague understanding of the intricacies of this existence, and for not minding when I sometimes get things wrong. I can’t tell you how many times a word you threw out carelessly helped me to become a better person. That’s because I take things to heart, even when they’re not meant for me. Some people call it paranoia, but you understand it goes much deeper than that.

Dear someone, you give me a reason to smile. That time you ignored me was one of the best lessons in patience that I’ve ever gotten. That time you cut me off when I was driving to Dairy Queen, and I almost went in the ditch, taught me a string of new curse words that I had never used before, and that I’ve never used since. Your ability to know just what I need when I need it is more important than you’ll ever know.

Dear someone, thank you for sitting beside me in math class and cheating off me. It gave me an insane amount of confidence in my answers, that you chose me over Amy Lou, who was also really good at math, and who sat on the other side of you. I’ll never forget when you blamed the dumpster fire on me, even though you didn’t even know my name. Your pointing and saying “It’s him!” was reaffirming to my psyche.

Dear someone, thank you for never giving me the time of day, even when I don’t have a watch and you do. I appreciate your candor and the way you never lie about anything, even when it could protect someone else’s feelings. It’s those little things that mean more than words could ever say. Which reminds me, thanks for hardly ever using words to tell me how you feel. That way I can imagine you think positive things about me, even though you hardly ever show it.

Dear someone, I hope others are just like you. Just not to me.


The Six Hundredth

Six hundred is a lot. Don’t think I don’t know and appreciate that, because I do. And I guess while in the process of writing 600 blog entries I didn’t really focus on the numbers. But I think when you get to 600 it’s probably about time to focus on the numbers. In fact, I honestly think I might go through a top 10 of the walk down memory lane,  for this, my 600th blog entry. First, though, I want to thank every single one of my followers, because this wouldn’t be nearly as fulfilling for me without you. Every single time someone writes to me telling me how they identify with what I’ve said is just bonus for me. I still can’t believe I started this blog less than a year ago and I’ve done so much with it, but the interactions are where it’s at. So, again, thank you. Now, on with the show…

From “The Dividing Line,”:

As I sit here with my children, I am trying to think about what life without them was like, and I truly can’t remember it. It’s like a dividing line between one entire existence and another, like I time traveled and skipped over that diving line to safely arrive right here and now, and with kids. I can vaguely remember a club, once, a long time ago, where I would dance all night, by myself. Or a karaoke joint, with “Love Shack”. And a puzzle club (yeah, I said a puzzle club) where I would imagine I was king (but I really wasn’t). And there was this guy. I’ll call him “Before Me”. He was one cool guy. Continue reading “The Six Hundredth”

Striking a Chord: Post #100

The glory of the human experience is that we can relate to each other. No matter how many years go by in my life, I never stop seeing that. Sometimes I see it close up and personal, and sometimes I see it from afar and applaud, but I can always see it. In the midst of adversity, we have a knack for coming together and appreciating each other. Now, that’s not to say that some of us are simply miserable to each other, because some people are just like that. And that’s not to say that I haven’t on occasion been miserable to my fellow human beings.

See, it’s all about timing. Anyone can be miserable, but it’s how we handle it that changes everything. If we can arrest ourselves mid-misery and focus on the fact that we’re part of the human race, we can turn it around, but if we let it control us we will turn into one of those people we can’t stand.

Over the course of the past few days I have been reminded of the close-knit community that writers in particular share. We have a bond that transcends boundaries: no age, or gender, or sexual preference, or political viewpoints, or anything else overrides that connection we share as writers. And even deeper than that, it’s all about the words. These words, out in space, yet grounded in belief and understanding, are the divining rods that lead us to each other.

So, I just wanted to thank everyone who has connected with me over the past few days. For all those who appreciate my decision to forge my own path, and who like my writing style, and who are now following my blog, thank you. I am truly humbled, and I appreciate the connections we now share. I look forward to more of them.

Oh yes, and this was my 100th blog post. Cheers! Here’s to the next 100.


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