Lost in Code

The television speaks in code In a language immeasurably low Like a competitive humming Vibrating from the inside out This conscious exhalation A paranoia born of consequence As if they’re all watching me Waiting for the resignation That comes before the night When the mix of color and light Play hide and seek in shadows … Continue reading Lost in Code

In Media Res

in media res: into the middle of affairs; often used when discussing novels that begin partway through the story. For example, The Iliad starts partway through the Trojan War, not at its beginning.

So many movies and television show episodes don’t start with the traditional storytelling arc anymore. We don’t get so much back story at the beginning, and the pattern doesn’t follow a linear progression throughout. It’s the same with books as well. Famously, The Chronicles of Narnia begins when the Pevensie siblings end up in the magical land of Narnia for the first time, but it is really only the beginning of their journey and not the beginning of Narnia itself. That is finally explained in the sixth book in the series. The Butterfly Effect bends time so the beginning isn’t really the beginning. And the television series Revolution shows a world without electricity, then backtracks in flashbacks to show how it came to be, and what role each person we’ve already been introduced to has played in it.

But why is it so popular now? Continue reading “In Media Res”