A Philatelist in Philadelphia

Mr. Henry Cheeks loves stamps. They are his life. He collects old ones, new ones, special edition ones, ones of Elvis, torn ones, ripped ones, laminated ones (which he laminates himself) and ones that are only good for postage in Czechoslovakia. Mr. Henry Cheeks lives in Philadelphia, Missouri. Most people think that the only Philadelphia … Continue reading A Philatelist in Philadelphia

To Post or Not to Post

The post office is usually full this time of year, with people mailing out over-sized cards who don’t know how much postage goes on them, with people sending out their extra-large packages to family and friends far and wide, and with people picking up those same sized packages from that same group of family and … Continue reading To Post or Not to Post


I’m a collector. You know the type, who has a lot of something, but still has to have more. No matter if it’s practical or not, no matter if I’m never going to ever possibly use it or see it ever again, I have to have it. It started small, and it’s gained momentum over … Continue reading Collectible