These beams are exposed Far up in the atmosphere Weathered by the weather Stretching up to heaven Like these arms of mine Empty of consequence Beseeching the clouds For a kind of understanding Lost in the silence Belonging to these shadows This substantial love Naked as a newborn child Learning how to exist In a … Continue reading Exposed


The shadows cross Hatch and cross hatch Illuminating fear And the absence of love Caught in the dark Without a flashlight These nights are long Streets teeming With imagination Purposefully vague Like innocence Waiting for the dawn When daffodils bloom Under the brutal sun And shadows loom In the crossing rays Of a stinging apathy … Continue reading Emergent

The Modern Machine

They slave hand over hand Pushing and pulling to survive In the oppressive heat And demanding consequence Falling to get up again This repetitive struggle Against the sadistic clock Fighting to come out ahead But failing at the bell When each one returns soiled Like soot stains on a shirt This badge of relevance Giving … Continue reading The Modern Machine

Saving Daylight

The sun disappears too soon Fading beyond the frayed horizon But the stars don’t want to play Locked into a self-imposed jail Hiding beneath this dark canopy Of undeveloped sky While the moon sits high Looking down on a humanity It can’t help imitating In its competitive stance In this unrepentant dance Between fractured souls … Continue reading Saving Daylight

Dead Words

Words strung together like beads Sliding in unison on a thin wire Rusty with woebegone decay Hanging like shards of glass From a window shattered and torn This incandescent shadow Hiding in the light of day Speaking without consequence A muttering of well-worn phrases Meant to intimidate by repetition These bullies of stolid syntax Impassive … Continue reading Dead Words

Lost in Code

The television speaks in code In a language immeasurably low Like a competitive humming Vibrating from the inside out This conscious exhalation A paranoia born of consequence As if they’re all watching me Waiting for the resignation That comes before the night When the mix of color and light Play hide and seek in shadows … Continue reading Lost in Code