Playlist of My Week

If my week were a playlist here’s how it would have sounded… 1. Cellophane – Sia “Look at me. I’m such a basket case, delivered to you wrapped in cellophane, waiting on your doorstep every day.” 2. Perfect Memory – Remy Zero “Remember how they tried to hold you down and we climbed those towers, … Continue reading Playlist of My Week

Sunday Shuffle

He really did love that trash.

Music has been such a huge part of my life since as far back as I can remember, from eight track tapes, to 45s, to audio cassettes, to CDs, and now to the digital files on my iPod. My first record was “I Love Trash,” the ubiquitous single by Oscar the Grouch, a floppy record that I kept worrying would tear so I handled it carefully while placing it on the phonograph machine. Eventually I wore it out playing it so much, but I really did love that song.

“And this is my mixed tape for her. It’s like I wrote every note with my own fingers.” -Jack’s Mannequin

The first mixed tape I ever got from a girl had “Here’s Where the Story Ends” on it, and I just knew that I would have never heard that song if it weren’t for that mixed tape. Even now I think back to it, and I think that the song meant so much to that girl (whose name I since forget) that she had to put it on a tape for me. And I think about what the songs I love say about me. Which ones I would put on a mixed tape for someone else now. Music is the soundtrack of our lives. Choose your soundtrack well. With that in mind, I’m firing up the ol’ iPod again. Listen with me, why don’t you? Shuffling…

1. Anything Goes – Melanie C

“In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking. But now, God knows, anything goes.”

2. Uncle Jonny – The Killers

“When everybody else refrained, my Uncle Jonny did cocaine. He’s convinced himself right in his brain that it helps to take away the pain.”

3. You So Fire – Usher

“Girl you’re so hot you burn everything in sight. You’re so fire.”

4. Lemon [Perfecto Mix] – U2

“She wore lemon to color in the cold, grey night. She had heaven, and she held on so tight.”

5. Going Back – Phil Collins

“Let everyone debate the true reality. I’d rather see my world the way it used to be. A little bit of courage is all we lack, so catch me if you can ’cause I’m going back.” Continue reading “Sunday Shuffle”