50,000 Words

When I tell them that I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month their first question is invariably, “does that mean you are writing an entire novel in 30 days?” I don’t really know how to answer either because the answer is both yes and no. It’s yes because a novel is technically 50,000 words, and … Continue reading 50,000 Words

36,000 Words

Novels are so tricky to write. They’re the equivalent of going through labor, fighting through the pain, and coming out on the other side better for the experience. Every single time I’ve immersed myself in the novel writing process it has shown me another angle I had never seen before. The longer the piece the … Continue reading 36,000 Words

24,000 Words

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) keeps rolling along. We’re 12 days in, and some days are indeed better than others. It’s my third time doing this crazy month-long adventure, and each time I learn something else about myself, about my writing style, and about the community of others who have also taken on this challenge. … Continue reading 24,000 Words