Nineteen Blackbirds

Atop a razor thin wire thirty feet above my head, nineteen blackbirds are perched, resolutely, zombie-like, side by side by side, as if waiting for the bus. Their balance is perfect, so self-assured that most appear to be asleep standing up, the skimpy thread bowing under their combined weight but under no threat of ripping. … Continue reading Nineteen Blackbirds

Saving Daylight

The sun disappears too soon Fading beyond the frayed horizon But the stars don’t want to play Locked into a self-imposed jail Hiding beneath this dark canopy Of undeveloped sky While the moon sits high Looking down on a humanity It can’t help imitating In its competitive stance In this unrepentant dance Between fractured souls … Continue reading Saving Daylight

Autumn Leaves

She smells of autumn leaves Like packed earth and promises Left in the tepid sun to dry Driven by the possibility of more As if eternity were tomorrow And she was born yesterday But life is just afternoon shadows Made up of what she cannot have Indian summer and daydreams The memory of consequence Tucked … Continue reading Autumn Leaves

This Endless Refrain

These storms come heavy Moody like jazz Fat drops in rhythm Pounding down steady A slash of lightning Brilliant as day But only for a moment Before thunder booms Like a pounding bass Echoing for miles Desperate to get home But lost along the way This Oklahoma swoon Shackled to night’s shadow Haunting in its … Continue reading This Endless Refrain

Two For Tuesday

Last Thursday we went on a walk through the neighborhood, me and my daughters, for the first time in a long time. We put on our sneakers one at a time, freshened our smiles, and headed out like conquering heroes. You know, until we met our first unleashed dog. Then we scampered away like mice … Continue reading Two For Tuesday