Dear Journal: Reading Material

Dear Journal, I subscribe to Esquire. And I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Esquire some swanky magazine for the upper crust? Shouldn’t something like Men’s Journal be more my speed? I’ll admit I subscribed to Esquire on a bit of a whim. Through some other avenue I was able to get a 75% discount on … Continue reading Dear Journal: Reading Material

What Black Men Find Sexy

Is this what black men want?

It’s funny how I picked up the November issue of Ebony magazine (for us black folk) and this headline stared back at me: What Black Men Find Sexy. It intrigued me, being a black man, that this article can tell me exactly what I find sexy. So I read it. You know, because I wanted to know. It blew my mind. Here’s what it said in a nutshell. Black men like…

1. When the ladies “flash those pearly whites.”

2. Soft hands. “Soft hands are important. Unless she’s a construction worker, they shouldn’t be rough.”

3. The “barely there” look. When the ladies wear makeup that makes it look like they’re not wearing makeup.

4. When the ladies have fresh mouths. She can be hot to trot, but if her mouth is foul that’s a deal breaker.

5. Pretty eyes. They’re the windows to the soul or something.

I found it interesting that the article said nothing about anything below the waist (hands don’t count). Apparently the brothers don’t care about 36/24/36 like Sir Mix-a-Lot told me we did. Of course on the magazine cover there is a picture of five “fine” black ladies who all have straight hair and “rockin’ bods.” What does that tell me about the things black men find sexy?

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