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easyloveLove is easy… when it’s reciprocated. When it’s neither tied down nor coerced. When it’s head and heart entwined together. When it’s not long distance. When it’s two-way street. When… well, when a whole lot comes together in perfect alignment… then it’s easy.

I’ve had two loves, and neither one was easy, not when things counted anyway. Both were easy at the beginning, when everything was shiny and new, because we didn’t know any better. We basked in the warmth of an emergent love, secure in our notion that love was all we needed.

Which is the major issue, isn’t it? Love is never all we need. It’s never the salve for everything that ails us. It can never do the heavy lifting because love wasn’t built for that. It is the emotional component to our relationships. Necessary? Yes. Independent? No. Love can be a foundation, but it can’t be the only support for a relationship.

So yes, love can be easy when everything else is in place. When a relationship also has honesty, cooperation, trust, and a host of other supports firmly in place. Obviously, bracing your relationship with all of those supports takes time and effort, takes trial and error, takes hard work on both sides.

Unfortunately, that’s why so many relationships these days fail, because we live in a world where not many people are willing to work through the struggles, to talk out the issues, to be completely honest with each other, not just about their feelings, but also about what they need from their partner. So it’s not easy, and instead of working harder on it, they let it go. They let it drift away when they should be diagnosing the problems so they can get to the next step.

11743693133_c154198945So yes, real love is easy, because it’s surrounded by a scaffold of everything necessary to keep it alive and to help it flourish successfully. My first love was young love, which thought itself self-sustaining, but all the love in the world wouldn’t have saved it. Because we weren’t on the same page, both of us thinking that love would be enough, that we would be together forever because we wanted to be together forever. When the end came we were still scratching our heads, wondering what went wrong.

The second time around, though, from the start it was difficult because we were both older, and we both knew that love wasn’t enough. We both knew that it would be challenging, but it was a challenge we were ready to take. Because we knew that if we got through the tough times, the challenging decisions, the difficult confessions, we would emerge together at the end.

So yes, love is easy. When you know that it’s not enough.



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  • J.Townsley_SPOONS-1-565x376

    10,000 spoons…

    an atheist going to heaven
  • the sun rising at midnight
  • a girl named “Guy”
  • a convicted killer saving someone
  • pirating cable from someone who just had it shut off
  • now loving someone who used to love you
  • being able to pay all your bills from your phone except your phone bill
  • a famous linguist constantly using the word “ain’t”
  • when you finally decide to be faithful and then your wife starts cheating on you
  • a rich homeless man
  • a pilot who is afraid of heights
  • a chicken who refuses to cross the road

Not all irony is funny, and in fact many times it’s simply sad, but all irony is definitely unexpected. It’s the combination of the unexpected and the interesting that make irony so fascinating to study and to use in everyday life. What I love most about irony is its ability to shift the mood in a room when it is used correctly, especially when a conversation has been mundane to that point.

I was once involved in a conversation with an acquaintance about why drugs are so dangerous. We went back and forth for a while, talking about how stupid baseball players were for using them when I blurted, “Yeah, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend good money on drugs.” Which was ironic because we were talking about how dumb baseball players were for breaking the rules of the game, when I instead had a fiscal concern. Definitely unexpected, which is just the way I like it.

“It’s like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife…”


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1. You see someone check his watch, so it makes you wonder what time it is. You ask that guy mere seconds after he checked his watch if he can tell you the time… AND HE LOOKS AT HIS WATCH AGAIN. I mean, what’s that all about?

2. You’re driving down the street so intent on your thoughts that you miss your turnoff, so you circle around to get back to the right street, shaking your head the entire time. THEN YOU DO IT AGAIN AT THE VERY NEXT TURN.

3. You are at a concert and you seriously have to go to the bathroom, but you know the second you walk off the band will play your favorite song. So you’re doing the pee pee dance for about an hour, but they don’t play your song. And the second you race off to the bathroom, hoping you don’t pee all over yourself, THEY PLAY YOUR SONG.

4. You’re walking down a hallway at school and the people in front of you are walking slowly, the people behind you are walking slow, so you’re stuck in-between the two groups, being forced to walk slowly. Then, the moment the group in front of you moves off in another direction, ANOTHER GROUP MOVES IN FROM ANOTHER HALLWAY, WALKING JUST AS SLOWLY.

5. You are in a department store looking for pants when a guy you don’t know says “Hi.” So you say “Hi” in return, somewhat tentatively because you don’t know him, but he said hi first, and you don’t want to appear stuck up. Then, you catch his eye, he turns his head a fraction, and you see that HE HAS A BLUETOOTH HEADPIECE STUCK IN HIS OTHER EAR.

6. You went to see Silver Linings Playbook in the theater and the people behind you kept giving away the surprises before they happened because it was their “fourth time” seeing it, but instead of shushing them, you GO BACK THE NEXT NIGHT AND RUIN IT FOR THE NEXT GROUP.

7. You wait all week to see your favorite program, but half an hour before it comes on YOUR CABLE GOES OUT AND YOU MISS THE ENTIRE THING. It comes back on two minutes after your show ends.

8. You are on a plane, and you get a seat all to yourself. You’re so excited until the plane takes off AND THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU PUTS HER SEAT ALL THE WAY BACK. (Talk to her, you idiot.)

9. You wear your glasses instead of contacts because you want to stretch out the life of the contacts before you can get another prescription. Upon arriving home after your long day you take off your glasses, putting them on the ledge in the bathroom, where you contact case is, you accidentally knock it off because you can’t see, AND IT BREAKS, GETTING YOUR CONTACTS ABSOLUTELY FILTHY.

10. You go to the record store AND FIND OUT IT DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE.


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