The Human Condition

“I’m only human. Of flesh and blood I’m made. Human. Born to make mistakes.” ~The Human League We often speak of being human as something we have accomplished, as if being human is something to be proud of rather than a weight around our necks. But maybe it is precisely the latter, as being human … Continue reading The Human Condition

Dirt and Bone

I. Grave thoughts Dragging me down Through dirt and bone And shifting sand Sifting ash and shale Forming a box of sorts Four sided misery Connected and connecting Calling out Then echoing back A shock to the system Cold and sinewy Stringy like starch But insatiable too Like a complex drug Deep down underneath And … Continue reading Dirt and Bone


I’m only human Flesh, bone, blood Dressed in skin Bathed in flood Flaky like pie Easy as breathing Lost in thought Conscious of all Conscious of nothing Trusting and weak Delicately strong Forgetful in pain As guilty as sin But lovingly wrapped In complications And contradictions Married to dreams Hopeful Caring Wanting more Reaching out … Continue reading Human