Idle Gossip

“Did you hear the one about…?”

Let’s face it. Some people like to gossip about everything, from what the neighbor wore outside last week to the sexual practices of people in church to the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. But why do we feel the insatiable need to know everything that’s going on with everybody?

I can’t tell you the number of times a conversation has started with “Now I’m not a gossip, but…” and inevitably what follows is plain and simple gossip. So, we are embarrassed to gossip but we also can’t help ourselves, even those of us who say we don’t do it.

Perhaps it is just simple human nature, to want to know everything about everyone, even if some of those things are and should be private. Or maybe we protect ourselves by saying that honesty is the best policy, as if being honest means we need to know who’s doing what with whom, like that’s our business. When it’s not. Continue reading “Idle Gossip”