@the Olive Garden

We ate at the Olive Garden tonight, the one that used to be a specter, the one that would show up on search engines but that we could never find. Until they finally built it… and people came. Of course it took us nearly six years after they arrived to make our way to the … Continue reading @the Olive Garden

Pancake Morning

Sunday morning means pancakes. Or waffles. But usually pancakes. The smell of fresh batter being stirred in the mixing bowl is heavenly, worth the weekly wait in and of itself. That doesn’t even count the cakes on the griddle, tanning on one side and then the other, transforming from an oatmeal like substance into fully … Continue reading Pancake Morning


The smell of pizza from the other room drives me insane with longing, and I know it won’t be long before I can sink my teeth into the warm cheese, sauce, and dough that defines one of my favorite foods. What is it about food that can just control us like it does? I think … Continue reading Tasteful

My Refined Palate

I’ve always been a picky eater, and of course on top of the reality of being a lifelong vegetarian, that creates a few issues for me when it comes to food. Sometimes I find myself out with others and unwilling to eat whatever fare is presented to us. It has happened a few times, and … Continue reading My Refined Palate